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Beta reader needed

I've got a little over 18,000 words of my entry done (11,000 words had previously been posted to a meme, so I've got to write at least 22,000) and I desperately need a beta reader. I know that some parts need tightening up and some parts need a little more, but I'm finding it hard to focus on exactly what needs what. I need a fresh pair of eyes. I also need someone who can point out grammar, ooc, continuity etc.

Can anyone please help?



Hey guys, I'm just over 14,000 words and about 87% finished my big bang, and I know where I'm going, but I'd really appreciate having someone to smooth over the last leg with because it's snagging me a little bit. I'm after a beta for when I finish as it is, but if there was anyone who was willing to jump on board a little early and help me end this properly, I'd really appreciate it.

I'm writing the ridiculous XMFC/Mummy fusion with treasure hunters galore, but the more I read back on it the more antsy I get. Would love for someone to read through and help me with a few pointers and maybe help fix some questions I have while I try and get to the end, and then I am after a full beta once it's done.

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Hey guys!

I've written about two thirds of my draft, and with deadlines creeping up on us, I could really do with someone checking over what I've written so far, since I've hit something of a block. I'm looking for someone who'll be willing to act as both a beta and a reader. I need someone to help smooth out any rushed moments, as well as to tell me what they genuinely think of the entire thing.

So far, I've got 22K, and six chapters, and I think the fic will probably end at around 30K, give or take a few thousand words. It's a detective!First Class AU; it's an Erik/Charles fic, in which Charles plays the part of a Sherlock Holmes-like character, who's working as a consultant for the police and stumbles across Erik in the middle of a case. He ends up offering the other a place to stay, and so they become flatmates, partners and friends. They end up chasing a serial killer, and as the killings hit closer and closer to home, Charles realises Erik could be a target, and so it's a race to stop the killer and save Erik before it's too late. I've almost got to the bit where Charles realises that the killings are all linked to this place called "The Yellow House", something Erik could have ties to, and I'm pretty much stuck.

So if you're a fan of Sherlock Holmes, the Mentalist or Charles/Erik, please, give me a hand!


I'm about to send in my rough draft, and I stalled out at the part where I"m supposed to summarize my novel. I can explain what my novel is about, but I have no clue how to condense it into a snippet so that it's catchy and exciting.

Fic plot under the cut:

Collapse )

There is much, much more than that, but that's the basic premise. I just have no idea how to shorten it into a standard summary. Any help would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you
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GSD RTFN: New Round Open

In addition to the old reliable resource of Write or Die, the gsd_rtfn ("Get Sh*t Done Right the F*ck Now") support community is a great resource for all fanworks if you've been struggling (e.g. finishing that first draft of the art or fic, or polishing the final beta) because there will be a whole motley crew of people just like you and, through mutual encouragement with daily progress check-ins, they will help you get there.

The community has started a new round today and I highly recommend signing up to cheerlead each other if you need a little motivational force to get you over the line.

The current round will end on October 1st. Hope to see you there!


Okay, I'm so sorry that real life took me away but I'll have a tinychat up for the next two days, and anyone that wants to pop in for Word Wars can do so  here. Please sign in as guest (it's a tinychat but you don't have to link anything to twitter or facebook if you don't want to)

I'll be there all of today and most of tomorrow.

Again, sorry for the utter lateness and fail on my part....

EDIT: The Chatroom above is Tinychat. I found another chat widget from 99chats. However, when I try to embed the widget it will not embed. I feel so technologically stupid right now it's not even funny. 

EDIT2: No matter what I try it will not embed. So we're gonna go with tinychat. 


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Okay, so my project has 2024 words and I have NO IDEA how I'm going to get it to the actual required word count in time.

Anybody have any suggestions for getting my butt and my brain in gear? 'cause I have my plot, it's just beating it into submission and getting it in line.

Oh, and my issues where I apparently want to work on everything BUT this, arg.

Help, please?

So, rough drafts are due in a week, and I'm stuck. My story seems to have stalled out at about 2k, and I can't seem to get the ball rolling, again.

My plot is rather complicated - an AU where characters from several different canon universes converge on the FC universe - and I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew. The problem is, I can't see any way to whittle things down and get this to a point where I can actually make some headway before next Monday.

If there's anyone who can give me a hand, I would be immensely grateful.
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Also, I meant to ask in that last post, sorry. Does any one know the exact words Shaw says to young Erik after the boy has destroyed the lab. I seem to recall it being something like fear and pain, or anger and pain, being the key to unlocking Erik's potential?